Attention Professionals, Investors, CD holders (and anyone else tired of getting crappy returns on their money)

Its time to start benefiting from the current Vertical Real Estate market.

We are buying, rehabbing, and selling Single Family homes in the Metro Atlanta area and we need your Capital!

Target properties available for full rehab at 8ok with ARV 120-150k!

To benefit from this market:

  • You do not have to be a real estate expert.

  • You do not need to drive around and make dozens of offers.

  • You do not need to be able to swing a hammer or manage contractors.

  • You just need to team up with the right people that can do all the above, We are those people!

  • We have several ways you can participate and earn the returns you deserve.  Get started with as little as $30K (even use your IRA money!)

Your Investment is backed by Real Estate Title

  1. Become a private money source for providing acquisition and rehab funding. Get access to generous profits and monthly interest on your money.  Returns can exceed CD rates by many times. There is the opportunity to "turn" your money 3-4 or more times a year.

    2) Become an Equity partner with us and leverage our time and experience.  Diversify over multiple properties.  Enjoy monthly dividends and upside potential with NO hassels!

    3) Partner with us and participate in buying and selling rehabbed turn key properties and enjoy fast secure upside potential and generous returns.  

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